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Planning Application Forms 

We would encourage you to submit a planning application on-line using the Planning Portal.

l You can view video tutorials on the planning portal website on how to apply online.
l You can also download blank PDF format application forms via the Planning Portal online forms cabinet.

If you prefer to submit to submit a paper application please send to: 

Planning Services, Civic Offices, Crescent Road, Llandeilo, SA19 6HW

Any applications delivered to the area planning offices, or a Customer Services Centre will be sent to Llandeilo via the internal mail courier, this may result in 2 to 3 days delay.  Please note for the purpose of assessing eligibility in a “free go” application, prior notification, telecommuncations etc the date of receipt by the authority will be the date received by the Registration team in Llandeilo. 

Please allow sufficient time when submitting a Renewal or Resubmission for the application to be checked, and any reasons for invalidity to be resolved before the date of expiry.

Please refer to our additional guidance OS site & location plans ~ Any maps/location plans that do not comply with the terms and conditions and are submitted with a planning application may cause a delay in the processing of the application.

Application Forms

Combined forms are no's: 02, 03, 07, 08 & 09 - submit the original form along with 7 copies of all documents and plans.  For all other application forms: original and 3 copies are required.    Click on the following links to download the application form, guidance notes and checklist.

Householder Applications
Form 01     Householder application for works or extension to a dwelling  ŸGuidance ŸChecklist
Form 02     Householder application for works or extension to a dwelling with conservation area application ŸGuidance ŸChecklist 
Form 03     Householder application for works or extension to a dwelling with listed building application   ŸGuidance ŸChecklist
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Applications for Full Planning Permission including change of use
Form 04     
Full planning permission     Ÿ Guidance     Ÿ Checklist
Form 07    Full application with demolition within a conservation area     Ÿ Guidance    Ÿ Checklist
Form 08     Full application with listed building application     Ÿ Guidance     Ÿ Checklist
Form 09     Application for Planning Permission & consent to display advertisement(s)  Ÿ Guidance    Ÿ Checklist

Advertisement Consent only

Form 12    Aplication for consent to display an advertisement(s)    Ÿ Guidance     Ÿ Checklist

Applications for Outline Permission and Approval of Reserved Matters
Form 5      Outline application with some matters reserved    Ÿ Guidance     Ÿ Checklist
Form 6      Outline application with all matters reserved    Ÿ Guidance     Ÿ Checklist
Form 23    Application for approval of reserved matters following outline approval    Ÿ Guidance     Ÿ Checklist

Removal or Variation of Condition(s) 

Form 25 & 26    Removal or variation of a condition   Ÿ Guidance     Ÿ Checklist
Form 27   Application for approval of details reserved by a condition    Ÿ Guidance     Ÿ Checklist
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Conservation Area Consent (only) and Listed Building Consent (only)

Form 10   Conservation Area application for demolition    Ÿ Guidance     Ÿ Checklist
Form 11   Listed building application for alterations, extension or demolition of a listed building    Ÿ Guidance     Ÿ Checklist
Form 13   Listed building application with advertisement  ~ not currently available - under review - use individual forms

Lawful Development Certificate Applications 

Form 14  
Lawful Development Certificate for an existing use of operation or activity including those in breach of planning condition – CLEUD    Ÿ Guidance     Ÿ Checklist
Form 15   Lawful Development Certificate for a proposed use or development - CLOPUD  Ÿ Guidance     Ÿ Checklist

Prior Notification

Form 16   
Prior notification of proposed agricultural or forestry development – proposed building ŸGuidance     ŸChecklist

Form 17    Prior notification of proposed agricultural or forestry development – proposed road    ŸGuidance   ŸChecklist

Form 18    Prior notification of proposed agricultural or forestry development – excavation/waste material   ŸGuidance  ŸChecklist

Form 19    Prior notification of proposed agricultural or forestry development – proposed fish tank (cage)     ŸGuidance  ŸChecklist

Form 22    Prior notification of proposed demolition  ŸGuidance     ŸChecklist

Form 20    Application form for prior notification of proposed development in respect of permitted development by telecommunications code systems operators  ŸGuidance     ŸChecklist
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Hedgerow Removal and Tree Works

Form 21   
Application for Hedgerow Removal Notice – 1 original, no copies required     Ÿ Guidance    Ÿ Checklist

Form 31    Application for Tree Works: Works to Trees Subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and/or Notification of Proposed Works to Trees in Conservation Areas (CA) - 1 original, no copies required    Ÿ Guidance    Ÿ Checklist


Other Forms 

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