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Page last updated on 04/4/2013
Health Impact Study 

Feeling Fine Healthier Homes - Health Impact Study

Health Impact Report

 Health Impact Report English.pdf

A Quick Summary of Progress

  • We are in the process of improving our housing stock to meet the Carmarthenshire Homes Standard (CHS). In order to understand the health benefits to tenants and benefits to local health services we have initiated a health impact study.
  • It is our view that commonly reported housing problems can have a significant impact on the health of tenants. It is envisaged that the CHS works will help address these problems and improve health.
  • We have been working closely with Cardiff and Swansea Universities to develop the project. A pilot survey undertaken in March 2009 has shown clear indication of a relationship between home improvement and health improvement.

The pilot study has shown:

Improvement in Mental Health
 - 21% of tenants of unimproved properties reported being treated for depression, compared with only 7% of the tenants living in completed properties.
Improvement in Respiratory Infection
 - 67% of tenants living in completed properties reported they were free from respiratory infection like coughs and colds compared with 52% in unimproved properties.
Less People going to their GP
 - 23% of respondents in unimproved properties  visited their GP more than four times in a three month period compared with 14% in completed properties.

What’s going to happen next?

Developing The Study Further
A plan has been prepared outlining a longer term study which aims to provide evidence that:
• CHS works benefit tenants’ health in general and in particular will help mental, cardiovascular, and respiratory health.
• Investments in housing have cost benefits to local health services in that there will be less visits to GPs and less admissions to hospital.

The approach developed in the pilot study  will continue to be used .The approach will compare tenants health at different stages of improvement work, i.e.:
(1) unimproved properties where CHS work had not started yet;
(2) properties which have been completed
(3) properties partly improved where some of the CHS work had been undertaken.

Annual Survey
Using this approach an annual survey of tenants health will be carried out over the next four years to establish if there were any long term improvements. The first stage of this four year plan will begin in February 2011.

Accessing Local Health Data

An important aspect of the study will involve identyfying the potentail cost benefits of the programme. This will be addressed in parallel work involving reviewing actual health service data pertinent to our housing estates. Comparisons will be made before and after the CHS works.

Cardiff and Swansea University are have successfully applied for funding from the National Institute for Health Research to assess the health and economic impact of the CHS programme, in particular they will consider the reduced cost to local health services.

How we intend to Communicate?
We intend to –
•  Compile regular progress reports
•  Initiate a biannual news letter
•  Launch a new section on our website for updates and advice
•  Introduce a dedicated hotline and number to contact key officers
•  Showcase the project at local and nationwide events where applicable

This project was funded by the National Institute for Health Research Public Health Research (NIHR PHR) Programme (project number 09/3006/02).The views and opinions expressed therein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the NIHR PHR Programme or the Department of Health.

Contact Details

Key Officers:

Jonathan Morgan
Housing Services Manager
Telephone: 01554 784609

Nia Davies
CHS Programme Officer
Telephone: 01554 784609