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Housing Advice and Options 

What is housing advice? And who can help me?

Housing advice is available to anyone having problems with their current home or if they need help looking for somewhere else to live.

You may need housing advice if you are living with relatives or friends, renting privately, a council or housing association tenant or if you own your own home.

Sometimes you may need legal advice as well as housing advice, and our housing advisors will tell you when you may need this, and who can give it to you.

Our team of Option Advisors can help you keep your existing home or Help you explore other housing options.

How can I find out what option is best for me?

There are many situations where the Housing Options Team can help you to keep your home or to look at other options that may be available to you, examples include:

  • Negotiate with landlords over rent arrears and tenancy issues
  • Assist with claims of housing benefit and local housing allowance
  • Offer advice and assistance if you are affected by domestic violence
  • Offering advice on neighbour nuisance
  • Offer advice on unfit properties
  • Refer to tenancy support services
  • Refer to supported housing schemes
  • Help to find accommodation in the private sector through our Social Lettings Agency
  • Advice if you are homeless or threatened with homelessness
  • Advice if you have mobility issues and your home is no longer suitable
  • Advice if you would like to swap homes with another tenant
  • Advice if you’re a tenant and your property is too big and you would like a smaller home
  • Affordable Homes for sale
  • Mediation to help resolve any conflict
  • Advice if you have affordability issues and cant keep your home warm

Who do I contact for further advice?

If you would like to speak to a Housing Options Advisor to discuss your situation further, please complete the enquiry form.

Once this has been completed a Housing Options Advisor will contact you within 10 working days.


Page last updated on 06/6/2012