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Man fined £75 for fly-posting 

A man has been fined £75 for fly-posting on lampposts in Carmarthenshire.
The council’s environmental enforcement officers issued the fixed penalty notice to the man for putting up the posters along the A48, A40 and A476 main roads.
Failure to pay could lead to prosecution in the magistrates court.
It is hoped the fine will help to raise awareness that fly-posting is a criminal offence.
The council has a fly-posting policy in place to help keep the county clean and to stop unfair advertising.
Fly-posting also has the potential to distract motorists and cause accidents.
Executive Board Member for Environmental and Public Protection Cllr Jim Jones said: “Fly-posting is displaying adverts and other promotional materials without permission, for example, on buildings, lampposts, railings and litter bins, mainly by business that want free advertising.
“They make an area look untidy and if not removed the posters slowly rot, becoming even more unsightly and causing litter.
“They also have the potential to distract motorists causing road traffic collisions; not to mention the additional burden on the council budget.
“For these reasons, we are taking a firm stand against fly-posting and will remove any signs put up against the council’s policy as well as fine those responsible.”
The council will make an exception for some not-for-profit organisations, community groups and registered charities subject to certain terms and conditions.
Council officers have the power to remove any unauthorised signs and the maximum fine if prosecuted through the court is £2,500.
For further information on the policy visit or contact Carmarthenshire Direct on 01267Follow us on Facebook 234567.


Page last updated on 18/6/2012