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Vehicle Crime 

Vehicle crime in Carmarthenshire is low, and in 2005-2006 there were 809 vehicle crimes as compared with 1003 the year before. This represents a 19.3% reduction.

However, you should not become complacent. You should still make very effort to avoid becoming a victim of vehicle crime.

A lot of crime is against cars, motorbikes and bicycles, including the theft of vehicles and theft from vehicles. Most of it can be prevented.


  • Always lock doors and close the windows when leaving the car – for any length of time
  • Don’t leave anything on display
  • Remove the stereo if you can
  • Tuck in wing mirrors and put down the aerial to discourage vandals
  • A Thatcham approved immobiliser or steering lock can help secure older vehicles
  • Think about having the windows etched with the cars vehicle registration number (VRN) and make a note of its chassis number.
  • Always keep your car keys in a safe place, even in your house, so that someone breaking in cannot steal your car too.


  • Always lock your bike and set the alarm if you have one
  • Always lock your bike to something secure if you can.
  • Use a motorbike cover
  • Have the vehicle marked with its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)


  • Get a good bike lock
  • Always lock your bike to something secure
  • Lock up removable parts
  • Get your bike security marked or engraved

The Community Safety Partnership has a Vehicle Crime Action group.

This group meets regularly to look at the problem of vehicle crime across Carmarthenshire, and at how the number of vehicle related crimes in the area can be reduced even further.

Page last updated on 28/8/2008