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Page last updated on 21/8/2014
Councillors and Committees 

Councillors are elected by you to represent your views when they make decisions about services and matters affecting the local community.

The Council comprises 74 Councillors  from a range of Political groups who are the decision makers and agree the Council’s policies and spending priorities for the County as a whole.  On behalf of the local community they make decisions about local services, budgets, the overall level of Council services and the level of Council Tax to be levied each year.

The main role of a councillor is to represent their ward, or area, and the people who live there, however a councillor also has leadership and scrutiny responsibilities too.

All 74 Councillors cannot meet each time the Council needs to make a decision and for this reason the Council devolves or delegates some of its decision making powers to the Executive Board, Committees and Officers.  For a brief description of the how the Council’s decision making structure operates please click on the following link: Decision making structure  

If you want to know who sits on the Executive Board and Committees then please click on the following link:
Membership Executive Board and Committees  If you want to know what’s been discussed at meetings of the Council, Executive Board and Committees click on the following link:
Agenda & Minutes Council, Exec Board and Committee 

If you want to know when meetings will be held and what is going to be discussed at upcoming meetings then click on the following link:
Council diary of meetings

If you want to know who your local County Councillor is, or details in respect of any other member of the Council, then please click on the following link:

The Councillors’ Database will provide you with their contact details, information relating to surgeries that they hold, which council committees they sit on, the political party they belong to and some brief Biographical details. A link is also provided to a profile of the electoral ward they represent.

If there is any further information that you would like then please contact us and we will try to help.

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