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Page last updated on 30/4/2014
Council Tax Revaluation 

Council Tax was introduced in 1993 with every dwelling (house, bungalow, flat etc) being placed in one of 8 Valuation Bands on the basis of their value on the open market, in 1991 (new properties built since then have also been valued as at 1991). 

The Welsh Assembly Government decided that in Wales, all dwellings should be re-valued.  The Valuation Office Agency  - part of the Inland Revenue – has been responsible for the revaluation, which was completed by September 2004. Every household was subsequently notified of their property's Valuation Band as from April 2005.

The new Bands came into affect on 1st of April 2005 and will be based on property prices as at 1st of April 2003  (price rises since then have been ignored and new properties will also be valued at 2003 prices).
Property values have, of course, gone up tremendously between 1991 and 2003.  The WAG therefore decided to change the value range of Valuation Bands, and introduce an additional Band I for the highest value properties. 

For most people this means that although their property will have increased in value, it will not necessarily move up in Band.  The table below shows the original and new values for the different Valuation Bands.

In Carmarthenshire the large majority of properties have not changed Band, and almost 5,000 have come down. However, about 1/3rd of properties will have had an increase in band.

 Band  Property Values - 1993 Valuation List Property Values - 2005 Valuation List 
 A  up to £30,000  up to £44,000
 B  £30,000 - £39,000  £44,001 - £65,000
 C  £39,000 - £51,000  £65,001 - £91,000
 D  £51,000 - £66,000  £91,001 - £123,000
 E  £66,000 - £90,000  £123,001 - £162,000
 F  £90,000 - £120,000  £162,001 - £223,000
 G  £120,000 - £240,000  £223,001 - £324,000
 H  £240,001 - an above  £324,001 - £424,000
 I  ------  £424,001  and above

What if I think the valuation is wrong?

Please remember, the Council is not responsible for valuations and cannot deal with appeals or answer enquiries about how your property has been valued.

If you believe your valuation is incorrect please contact the Valuation Office Agency via the telephone helpline - 03000 505 505 – to discuss your concerns. Where the VOA is satisfied that the initial valuation is incorrect the band may be adjusted without the need for a formal appeal.

Formal appeals to the Valuation Office Agency can be made from April 2005. Appeal forms can be obtained from the Valuation Office. Appeals can also be made “on-line” via the VOA website (

The Valuation Office addresses are:

Dwellings in the former Carmarthen & Dinefwr Area

The Listing Officer
Government Buildings
Picton Terrace

Dwellings in the former Llanelli Borough Area

The Listing Officer
Ty Nant
180 High Street

How can I find the new Valuation Band for a property in Carmarthenshire?

The 2005 Valuation List can be accessed via the Valuation Office Agency.

Alternatively it can be viewed at the Council's three Customer Service Centres located at:

3 Spilman Street, Carmarthen
Ty Elwyn, Llanelli
Town Hall, Ammanford

How much will my Council Tax be next year?

To see the Council tax charges for 2014/15 please visit  the Council Tax charges section.