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Animal Licensing 

The Councils Animal Welfare officers have a responsibility to: advise about aspects of animal welfare licensing; inspect and grant licences to premises subject to animal legislation such as dog boarding kennels, catteries, pet shops, riding establishments and others; investigate complaints about animal welfare in these premises; take formal action against offenders where other action is unsuccessful and investigate complaints of illegal activities.

Licenses are required for: riding establishments, keeping of dangerous/wild animals, dog boarding kennels, catteries, dog breeding establishments and pet shops.  Please see the 'Downloads' section below for application forms.

We will grant a licence to operate under the appropriate animal legislation providing that the applicant operates to the set standards. The licensed premises are inspected routinely at least once a year. Licence holders who do not comply with the conditions set face formal action when all other actions have been unsuccessful.

Please also ensure that you have the appropriate planning consent, if in doubt contact Carmarthenshire County Council's Planning Department.


Fees and Charges 2013/2014

Vet Fees £155.00
Up to 10 bitches £80.00
11 to 25 bitches £105.00
26 to 50 bitches £205.00
51 to 80 bitches £230.00 
over 80 bitches £255.00
Up to 10 horses £205.00 inclusive of vet fees
11 to 20 horses £225.00 inclusive of vet fees
21 to 50 horses £280.00 inclusive of vet fees
Over 50 horses £355.00 inclusive of vet fees
PET SHOPS £125.00
DANGEROUS AND WILD ANIMALS £255.00 excluding vet fees
Single species £100.00
Multi species £145.00
Home boarding (Maximum 5 dogs/6 chath) £45.00
ZOO LICENSE £300.00 excluding vet fees



Page last updated on 22/4/2014