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Page last updated on 01/4/2010
Food Safety 

The Food Safety team have a responsibility to advise and offer guidance to the general public and food businesses on the sale and comsumption of food and related issues.

We enforce legislation under the Food Hygiene (Wales) Regulations 2006.

This involves the inspection and enforcement of hygiene standards in all food premises within the County by authorised officers.

Scheduled and 'ad hoc' inspections enable us to ensure that food businesses produce and sell food that is safe to eat, properly labelled (as not to mislead) and to make certain that the health and safety of staff and members of the public is maintained.

This section also gives advice and guidance upon food poisoning, defining the most common food poisoning germs and what preventions you can take.  

In such cases of food posioning, the food safety officers at Carmarthenshire County Council, will investigate the matter to find out the cause.

The food officers will alert others to the dangers, offer advice, and where necessary prosecute offenders for breaches of food safety laws.

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