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Page last updated on 24/12/2012
Gambling Act 2005 

The Gambling Act 2005 creates a new system of licensing and regulation for commercial gambling in this country. 

Amongst other changes, it gives to local authorities new and extended responsibilities for licensing premises for gambling.  In some cases (such as gaming machine arcades), those build on existing responsibilities. 

But in other major areas, including betting, casino gaming and bingo, they transfer to local authorities responsibilities, which previously lay with local licensing justices.

Each licensing authority is required to revise, consult on and publish a Gambling Policy every three years to set out the proposed principles to apply in exercising its licensing functions under the Act.

The revised Gambling Policy has now been published and shall come into effect on 31 January 2013. In the meantime the current Gambling Policy will remain in force.

Hard copies of the document are available by contacting :

Licensing Section
Public Protection Division
Carmarthenshire County Council
3 Spilman Street
SA31 1LE

Tel No. 01267 234567
Fax No. 01267 229141

Gambling Policies

Gambling Policy 2013

Gambling Policy 2010

1. The Gambling Commission will be responsible for granting operating and personal licences for commercial gambling operators and personnel working in the industry. 

It will also regulate certain lottery managers and promoters.

Functions of Licensing Authorities

2. The Act gives licensing authorities a number of important regulatory functions in relation to gambling. 

Their main functions are to:

  • Licence premises for gambling activities;
  • Consider notices given for the temporary use of premises for gambling;
  • Grant permits for gaming and gaming machines in clubs and miners’ welfare institutes;
  • Regulate gaming and gaming machines in alcohol licensed premises;
  • Grant permits to family entertainment centres for the use of certain lower stake gaming machines;
  • Grant permits for prize granting;
  • Consider occasional use notices for betting at tracks; and
  • Register small societies’ lotteries.

 Premises licences

3. Premises licences will be granted by licensing authorities and may authorise the provision of facilities on:

  • Casino premises;
  • Bingo premises;
  • Betting premises, including tracks;
  • Adult gaming centres; and
  • Family entertainment centres.

4. Except in the case of tracks (where the occupier of the track who gets the premises licence may not be the person who actually offers the gambling) premises licences may only be issued to people with a relevant gambling operators licence: for example, to obtain a bingo premises licence, the applicant must hold a bingo operating licence.  Premises licences are transferable to someone else holding a valid operating licence.

Further information regarding the Gambling Act can be found at