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Flood Defence 

As of the 6th of April 2012 the Environment Agency Wales transferred it powers for flood defence consenting for ordinary water courses to Carmarthenshire County Council which became the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) for Carmarthenshire.

Carmarthenshire County Council will now be responsible for all consenting and enforcement on ordinary water courses as laid out in the Land Drainage Act 1990 and the Flood and Water Management Act 2010. Main rivers and coasts shall still be the responsibility of the Environment Agency Wales.

Flood defence consent are required to ensure that all works proposed in a watercourse are checked to ensure that they will not negatively impact the natural environment through flooding, pollution, loss of habitats or damage to wildlife.

If you are intending to carry out work that will affect the watercourse you will need to apply for one or both of the following consents from Carmarthenshire County Council.

Permanent Consent – for the construction of permanent structures such as bridges, culverts, weirs or any other object which will interfere with or change the flow of water in a river during both normal and flood conditions.

Temporary Consent – for temporary works and material such as sand bags or cofferdams used to create dry working areas or any objects or materials that will be removed upon completion of the work.

Each application will require two months to process so please ensure that you have scheduled enough time to accommodate this.

Other consents may be required from the Environment Agency and / or the Countryside Council for Wales before you may undertake your work. You will also need consent from of any land owner that will be affected by your work.



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