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Conservation Areas 

Conservation Areas are designated to preserve and enhance the special character of areas of architectural or historic interest. The Council has a duty to consider the designation of such areas under Section 69 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. They are selected according to the quality of the area as a whole, including the contribution of key individual or groups of buildings, trees, open space and streetscape.

The purpose of designating a Conservation Area is to provide the Council with an additional measure of control over an area that they consider to be of special historic of architectural value.

This does not mean that development proposals cannot take place, or that works to your property will be automatically refused. It means however that the Council will have regard to the effect of your proposals on the designation in addition to their normal assessment.

Conservation Areas within Carmarthenshire

If you wish to view the boundary of a Conservation Area, click on the links below.
All plans are © Crown copyright. All rights reserved 100023377 (2008) ~ Plans are not to scale.  

l Abergorlech (pdf 582 KB)
l Cenarth (pdf 391 KB)
l Cwmdu  (pdf 754 KB) (Article 4 Direction: Cwmdu)
l Kidwelly (pdf 2632 KB)
l Laugharne (pdf 3235 KB) (Article 4 Direction: Laugharne Taf Estuary)
l Llanboidy (pdf 603 KB)
l Llanddarog (pdf 516 KB)
l Llandeilo (pdf 3,507 KB)
l Llandovery  (pdf 1198 KB) (Article 4 Direction: Llandovery)
l Llanelli (pdf 517 KB)
l Llangadog (pdf 1041 KB) (Article 4 Direction: Llangadog)
l Llangathen (pdf 761 KB)
l Llansaint (pdf 537 KB)
l Llansteffan (pdf 1,320 KB)
l Newcastle Emlyn (pdf 1298KB)
l St Clears (pdf 860 KB)
l Talley (pdf 810 KB)

Plus the following areas in Carmarthen:-

l Carmarthen Town (pdf 3,522 KB)
l Lammas Steet (pdf 2,792 KB)
l North Carmarthen (pdf 2,511 KB)
l Parcmaen Street/St Davids (pdf 937 KB)
l Picton Terrace / Penllwyn Park (pdf 1,237 KB)
l Pontgarreg & St Davids Hospital (pdf 3,778 KB)
l Priory Street (pdf 1,646 KB)
l The Parade / Esplande (pdf 1,921 KB)
l The Quay/Towyside (pdf 1,199 KB)
l Water Street (pdf 976 KB)


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