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Page last updated on 10/1/2014
Litter Bins 

Cleansing Services are responsible for the provision and maintenance of litter bins within Carmarthenshire.

We provide a wide range of litter bins to suit the needs of each area.

For example Litter Bins are usually placed in the areas of high pedestrian traffic and where a litter hotspot has been identified, particularly in the city centre, outside local shops and other high litter areas.

All litter bins provided and maintained by the council are identified to the council logo.

If you wish to report a bin that is over full or that a litter bin has been moved please email, phone or write to our Carmarthenshire Direct on telephone: 01267 234567, email:

You can now report a litter problem online by completing our Litter Report Form.

Online Litter Report Form


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