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Page last updated on 08/9/2009
The aims of the scheme 

The aims of the Scheme are to encourage, acknowledge, raise awareness and actively promote good standards and management practice by landlords, and to assist landlords and tenants to undertake their respective responsibilities to each other. 

Carmarthenshire County Council will give guidance on compliance on request. 
The Scheme comprises an element of self-regulation and accordingly relies on a degree of goodwill and trust on the parts of landlords, tenants and Carmarthenshire County Council.
It is a requirement of the Scheme that the physical condition of dwellings, the level of provision of basic amenities and management practices, are fair and reasonable, and not liable to be prejudicial to the health, safety and welfare of tenants or the surrounding neighbourhood.
Signatories to the Scheme must ensure that in addition to complying with the requirements of the Scheme, they also comply with their legal obligations
Compliance with the Scheme will ensure that:  Landlords, tenants and community members enjoy the benefit of good dwelling conditions, competent management and considerate neighbourly behaviour. Misunderstandings and disputes are reduced.  Where problems do occur they are promptly resolved.

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